Saturday, 8 March 2008

Sam Warriner's take on Wellington elite event

Press Release: Sam Warriner.
4 March 2008.

This Sunday sees all of New Zealand's top triathletes line up for race honours for the first time since last September's Olympic qualifier in Beijing.

Summer has seen the Kiwi athletes take different paths as a result of that day in China.

Having worked hard to qualify first time round, Sam Warriner has had the luxury of a long build up to this year's Olympics. This is something she is relishing at the moment. Sam is currently in the middle of a large block of base training aimed at her peaking just the once in 2008. It's all about one day in August for Sam.

The New Zealand Triathlon Championships will be a fiercely contested event both in the water and on the streets of Wellington. Sam's Potential Olympic team mates Nicky Samuels and Andrea Hewitt still have it all to prove, starting this Sunday.

As always Sam goes into the race with one goal in mind; to give it 100% pure honest effort. Sam has been the New Zealand elite champion for 2 consecutive years.

Although Sam has no expectations as to her final placing she is eager to get back into competition in what will be an exciting year for her.

Some questions and answers from Sam:

Q) How are you feeling going into this Sunday?
Sam- "I'm feeling good as I know I've been training well and I'm enjoying my training too. I am going into it with an open mind to see where my form is at. I'm aware I have just come off a big week of running so I've no expectations, just going to go out there give it 100% and enjoy it. It's my first race of the season and what better way to start it but by racing at home in NZ"

Q) Who do you see as your main competition?
Sam-"Nicky Samuels is obviously having a great season, she's been unstoppable in the My Sport Series and is getting ready to peak at Mooloolaba in two weeks. Andrea will also be in top form with the same goal, so they will be ready for a good hard race. The Australians Annabel Luxford, Emma Moffat and Erin Densham will be strong as they only have one Olympic spot gone, so there's two still for the taking. A strong showing on Sunday would impress the Australian selectors. The fast runners Debbie Tanner and Anja Dittmer are also sure to be up there and strong contenders".

Q) What have you been doing differently this summer?
Sam-"I have been staying in Auckland and training with the Tri squad. It's been good as living in Auckland everything is so near, but I have missed my partner and home. It was also hard at first with setting up new appointments like massages, gym membership and so on. I have done a lot more of my sessions in the open water simulating the 1500m intensity. And I've been working with Corey Hutchings and his surf squad for one week a month in Gisborne. I have also been doing a lot more running with men and have been doing some run races too. Cycling took a while to get used to in Auckland as the traffic lights there always seem to be red".

Q) Who's going to qualify next out of Andrea and Nicky?
Sam-"I would not like to say as they are both determined athletes who are dedicated and have worked incredibly hard. I'm just glad I'm not in their situation!"

Q) What do you hope to achieve this Sunday, what will make it a good race for you?
Sam-"I hope to have a good swim, be aggressive at the start and get out with the lead group. Corey has taught me a few tricks so hopefully I'll get chance to use them. On the bike I'll ride strongly taking my turn, keeping my cadence high and then get off the bike and run fast just as I always do".

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Anonymous said...

Youe rock sam!!!! I still remember the time when you visited Hurupaki primary school yonks ago in Kamo Whangarei.I'm at high school now and so I dont know if you'll remember that visit. You rock sam!!!! All the best!