Saturday, 11 August 2007

Make your own triathlon video and win cash!

Tacky headline I know, but isn't this a great idea from TriNZ. Basically they want you to make a short YouTube style video and enter it in their competition. This will be used in various promotions.I think this could be a good thing, however I do have some concerns about its triathlon-only rather than multisport inclusive (don't get me started on those definitions) focus.

Two emails follow - first their promotional one, and second my response to them.

Attention ALL New Zealand triathletes!
Show us "Why be a triathlete?" and be in to win $500 Cash

Triathlon New Zealand is giving you the opportunity to create a short
(up to 3 minutes) video on "Why be a triathlete?" and you could win

Whether it is humorous, inspirational, moving, or fascinating, we want
it. Please tell us in a video "Why be a triathlete?" and get your video
published on, 'you tube' and then maybe shown on
our Triathlon TV Show. The aim of the video is to help promote our sport
and the 2007/08 Triathlon NZ My Sport Series. So come on, don't worry
about editing, don't worry if you have to send it in lots of sections,
by post or by email - we can do the editing and get it online.

The best video as voted by Tri NZ will receive a $500 cash prize.

Please send your video on an email or in the post to:
tomm at

Triathlon NZ Inc
Video Competition
67 Davis Crescent

Triathlon NZ Inc
Video Competition
PO Box 128-509

Please forward on those who you think may be interested.

Entries close 15th September 2007, Tri NZ retains the right and
unlimited usage to all videos sent in for this competition and the
judges decision is final. Those persons sending in videos will take
utmost care not to insult, degrade or damage triathlon, Tri NZ and or
its partners and obscene imagery will not be accepted. In the unlikely
event of a poor standard/lack of videos TNZ has the right not to publish
any video and therefore not award a prize.


Hi there

I think this is a brilliant idea, and congratulations to whoever's
brain child this is :)

I run a blog at which also features in Together they have a couple of thousand unique
visitors (people not search engines) a month, so while small, I do
have a reasonable readership, and it is growing all the time.

I will feature this competition there.

However I would like to make one comment. This would be a great time
to try and get some of the multisport (South Island definition)
community on board. I am not sure on the status of the behind the
scene politics, but if you could extend this to 'Why be a
multisporter' as well, and perhaps get some of the prominent
personalities behind it, it would be great. It would demonstrate the
TriNZ is looking wider than just swim-bike-run.

I think you could up the promotion and the prize money considerably
for this sort of thing. There must be heaps of sponsors out there.

I would also be interested in online archiving a selection of the
videos on my website.

(The Pink Triathlete)

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